The Sneezing Weed Floral Design focuses on flowers grown locally that are in season. I have over a decade of experience working with local growers so I take a collaborative approach with clients to realize their goals while maintaining my responsibility to sustainable floral design.

My design aesthetic is informed by the seasons, mountain wildflowers, overgrown corners of gardens worldwide, and art history. 

The Sneezing Weed is based between Los Angeles, CA and Olympia, WA. I am willing to travel to most locations in California and the Pacific Northwest for weddings and events. Please contact for more info.


Container: An oval gold-brown ceramic boat, 16 inches long
Holder: A large kenyan, centered. Materials: Golden bamboo, yellow daylilies, and meadow silk grass. A green ceramic frog.
Comment: Windblown bamboo kept in balance, optically, by the opposite pull of the dallies and grasses. Enjoy this arrangement for many days as the daylily buds open, and watch that the frog doesn’t leap onto the bamboo.

-From Flower Arrangements to Copy, Tat Shinno, 1966